This Man Wants To Clean Your Clothes

The Classic Velvet Touch "This Man Wants To Clean Your Clothes" t-shirt is back. Shirts are 100% white cotton and come in Xlarge. Bring back the 90's with one of these retro t-shirts.

Photo Gallery

Posted by Mitch Rosenwald on July 09, 2014. 0 Comments

Velvet Touch Cleaners used to have a wall up with pictures from all over the world with people wearing the T-shirt.

We'd love to say that the Smithsonian borrowed them for an exhibit and never returned them or a billionaire collector bought them up for an undisclosed price but the truth is Roy left them behind when he sold his store.

Please help us start the tradition again and send us your pictures so we can add them to our gallery

                                Copper Canyon, Mexico

                                 Glacier Rafting,New Zealand

                    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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