This Man Wants To Clean Your Clothes

The Classic Velvet Touch "This Man Wants To Clean Your Clothes" t-shirt is back. Shirts are 100% white cotton and come in Xlarge. Bring back the 90's with one of these retro t-shirts.

The Velvet Touch Story

Our Grandpa Roy had been in the dry cleaning business since the early 60's. He moved out to San Diego in the late 80's and asked our Dad if he wanted to go into business with him. They took a dumpy little laundromat and turned it into one of the most iconic dry cleaners in the state, if not the country and so Velvet Touch Cleaners was born.

They started off by putting a caricature of Roy from 1972 with the slogan "THIS MAN WANTS TO CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES" on the side of their building. That expanded to bus stop benches and eventually t-shirts.

By the mid 90's, "the face" as it was referred to, was everywhere. The San Diego rock group, "Rockets From The Crypt" wrote a song about Velvet Touch Cleaners. Roy appeared on the Jeff and Jer radio show a couple of times. T-shirts were spotted all over the world.

By 2001, Grandpa and our Dad sold Velvet Touch Cleaners and the "THIS MAN WANTS TO CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES" t-shirt was no more, until now that is. We've decided to bring back the classic Pacific Beach icon.

Jordan & Eric Rosenwald

                                   Jordan, Grandpa Roy & Eric 1999

                                       Our first Velvet Touch shirts